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Who is Building Community Cambodia ?

Building Community Cambodia is an independent organisation based in Australia. Since its conception in 2015 a small team of like minded people has been formed to work towards the same outcome - to help end poverty and ease suffering.

Founded by Carol Morrell in 2015 who after travelling to Cambodia had the overwhelming need to give support to those who were living in extremely poor situations.

 Building Community Cambodia is built on compassion and the belief we all have something to give, no matter how insignificant we think it may be.


After seeing how rural areas can be overlooked, and the realisation that assistance was needed in so many areas, brought about the birth of Lotus House in 2016. It now serves the community in Opeakspea village through education, and other community activities. Catering to over 200 students attending English classes 6 days a week, it brings hope for a brighter future to so many children who may never have had the opportunity to learn English. 

The Elderly Program was formed in this village and now extends across Siem Reap and many outlying villages. This is now our main focus as the need for elderly support is so enormous.

In 2016 we started with 2 elderly ladies in our program and this quickly grew as the need for assistance was apparent and could not be overlooked.

Houses have been built, health restored & monitored, medications & food provided, plus a modest pension given monthly to provide security.  So much of their lives have changed through the love and kindness of those who sponsor grannies and support this program.

At present we find ourselves mainly concentrating on the elderly who are in extreme situations of poverty. The thought that it is within our ability to change a life, to give back health, to support, and to ultimately, give purpose and dignity is what propels us to help.

Piset Momk, our Cambodian manager and man-on-the-ground is an integral part of Building Community Cambodia. Piset is our eyes and ears, our manager of house builds, food and pension distribution, project management and so much more! His dedication, hard work, and never-ending pursuit of fairness and equality for his people is what makes him a perfect fit in our organisation. 

Piset is a tireless worker within his community - a role model for his three children and younger generations in his village.

It is his village where we will build "The Mother House" our new and biggest project to date.




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