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"The Mother House"

Project 2024

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Pteah Neak Midai

Building Community Cambodia established The Elderly Care Program in 2015. Seeing the need for basic support for so many elderly living in isolation and without family we knew we needed to help.

Nine years on, through tireless years of fundraising we have secured sponsorships, built homes, and saved lives through medical intervention. We have given hope to many elderly suffering in silence.

We have now seen the need to give further support through our

Elderly Care Home initiative.

We have been faced with many challenges finding adequate support for elderly people who are living in isolation. While Cambodian communities do mostly support the elderly in the best way they can, there are those in dire situations where no such support is able to be given by family or neighbours as they also may be facing their own set of challenges. Some elderly are without land ownership and find themselves in vulnerable situations of being evicted from the land they occupy and becoming at risk of homelessness. We have witnessed this time and again within our Elderly Care Program.

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

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We have now seen the vital need to provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive space for the elderly who have NO support as they age, who have become frail, sick, and in daily need of assistance.

“Phtea Neak Mdai” THE MOTHER HOUSE, our biggest project yet. This house will be built in a rural village in Siem Reap Cambodia, and will provide the special care they so desperately need.


Medical, nutritional, personal, and spiritual needs will be met through the care of the community in the village where it will sit. We have secured two hectares of land to build pavilion style housing which is designed to grow with the demand of the elderly requiring extra care.


We know how important it will be to make this a sustainable project that can be managed by locals, they just need help to get it started! We will be creating edible gardens and obtaining livestock not only as a food source for the elderly living there, but to on-sell as a means of income to maintain the property, pay wages, and purchase supplies and equipment to keep it running.

Your support is vital in helping us reach our target! Right now there are elderly who are waiting to be cared for in the dignified manner they deserve!

You will have made a significant and memorable impact in the life of an elderly person who just wants to be loved and cared about.

“Our aim is to build a community within a community, a place where the elderly are supported and cared for by their own people”

....Lets help change lives

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