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The Elderly Program


Why does this exist? The elderly people in Cambodia are facing multiple sources of vulnerability including: poverty, malnutrition, health issues, disabilities, and social isolation. They are among the most disadvantaged group of people living in Cambodia with little or no social protection. We work closely with the elderly to provide a healthier safer environment for them to live with dignity and security.

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Our Goal

To give hope and to help end poverty.


The elderly have lived through one of the most horrific periods in the history of Cambodia. They hold rich stories of what the culture was like before this period of devastation turned the country into turmoil. The elderly who enter into our program are survivors of this terrible time and have been left without family support or a family structure; they are considered at-high-risk. This means they are at risk of starvation, homelessness, illnesses, exposure, and being socially outcast because of their situation of poverty. 

With awareness we can change these situations to form new paths towards a brighter, healthier, and happier future, and pave the way for social change.

All our actions matter, and can benefit the lives of so many.

Our aim is to provide health, happiness, dignity, and a vision for the future.

We aim to do this through providing:

  • Safe and secure housing

  • Medical treatment

  • Social support 

  • Food staples

  • A modest pension

"When basic human rights are met, dignity is restored and independence is gained"


We want to ensure that the elderly in our program are having their needs met. This includes emotional and physical support as well as safe and secure housing. Many elderly people of Cambodia haven't had access to appropriate health care due to their situation of poverty; we support the elderly with medical check-ups to ensure all health concerns are addressed - our goal is for optimum health to be achieved.

Sponsor the Elderly today and help change lives.

Together we can work towards improving the lives of the elderly people in Cambodia. Your sponsorship enables us to work holistically with the elderly person you support. The changes are immediate!


Granny Poh is 70 years old, homeless, and lives on a boat with her 17 year old granddaughter. Poh has health issues which are now interfering with her ability to sustain the life she has had for many years. She lost her husband 30 years ago and has not had a permanent home since. 


Granny Touch is a 70 year old widow. She lost her husband during the Khmer Rouge era due to sickness. She was left struggling to care for her 4 children and her mother who recently passed away. She is separated from her children and works as best she can for food only.




Granny Hoon is 64 years old, widowed and lives with her 43 year old niece who she has cared for since the age of 10 after becoming orphaned. Her husband lost his life in a bomb explosion during the war in 1983. Life has been hard for her and her niece who struggle to find work.


Grandpa Krouch Rin is 72 years old and has recently lost his wife to TB. Although he has four children he lives alone as they cannot support him.

Granny Sok

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Granny Hong is 68 and bringing up her two granddaughters. She and her husband Jeck are farmers but life is getting more and more difficult for them. Their grandchildren are both 7 years old. Their parents went away to work but have not returned or supported them. 

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