....The Initiative




This initiative was born out of witnessing the needs of impoverished people living in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. The people living in these areas seem to be left on their own to “get on with life”. They have NO government assistance coming into their villages, which means, NO medical assistance. NO assistance for the elderly & NO training programs for the youth leaving school. 


Upon returning to Australia after one of our visits to Siem Reap we were determined to try to help in a more permanent way. My background is medical, and in particular women and the elderly. I saw the urgent need for intervention and with the combined skills of myself and my husband Jeff, who works in the building trade, we set about discussing our ideas with Sothea Yon, the director and founder of RDA, Siem Reap Cambodia. Building Lotus House commenced in January 2016 and was completed 8 months later.