"Your sponsorship will alleviate poverty for future generations"




At Lotus House, we offer vocational training programs to underprivileged children who live in the community of Opheakspea village. 

Most kids that are attending school want to further their education but have little or no hope of ever being able to accomplish this, their family situation just doesn’t allow it.

Through the high school system in Cambodia they only get basic subjects, English, maths, science which means that they don’t get to study subjects such as biology, chemistry etc, these are classed as “extra subjects” which they must pay for. The importance of taking extra subjects is vital to further education and university, as this is what will enable them to get there.

By sponsoring a high school student, you not only give them a real chance at placement in university but also HOPE for the FUTURE and that of their family. To many Cambodians university is so far out of reach that they wouldn’t even be able to dream of such an achievement. Your sponsorship will give them HOPE, DIGNITY and a great FUTURE. You will directly help them to break the CYCLE OF POVERTY. For this we “thank you”

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When you sponsor a student, you will receive:

• A photo of the student you are supporting with a story about his/her life
 & Three monthly updates





As rural students attend the village government school there is no administration fee but there is an “extra subject” cost of $7.50 USD per subject. To enable them to enter university they need to have studied these extra subjects. In most cases the cost does not exceed 3 subjects.


To sponsor a student for "extra subjects" for one year is $270 USD


Without our teachers we don't have students!

Yearly sponsorship for one teacher is $600 USD


You can also help by  sponsoring a student through our micro loan system. For a one off donation of $250 USD the family of the student can purchase live stock to enable them to breed for resale. Through this system the family will be able to afford the extra subjects needed to gain further education. It will also be used for the family to purchase a push bike and uniform for their child. This is the gift that keeps on giving...

One off donations are always welcome

$15 USD will buy a school uniform

$45 USD will buy a pushbike 

$25 USD will but a backpack and school supplies






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