Why does this exist?
The elderly people in Cambodia are confronting multiple sources of vulnerability including: poverty, malnutrition, health issues, disabilities, and social isolation. They are among the most disadvantaged group of people living in Cambodia with little or no social protection.



is to help change their situation of poverty.

The elderly who come into our program are considered at-high-risk. By this we mean they are at risk of starvation, homelessness, illnesses, exposure, and being socially outcast because of their situation of poverty. 

When we know we can change their destiny through collective compassion their lives takes a very different turn. 

Our aim is to give them health, happiness, dignity, and a vision for the future.

We aim to do this through providing:

  • Safe and secure housing

  • Medical treatment

  • Social support 

  • Providing food staples

  • Plus a modest stipend

"When basic human rights are met, dignity is restored and independence is gained"



We want to ensure that the elderly are getting all their needs met. This includes, emotional support, physical support, house repairs and adjustments as well as food top ups. We also understand that they have had to neglect their medical and physical needs due to their situation of poverty - we offer them medical check-ups to ensure their health is the best that can be achieved.

Cataracts are an enormous problem in Cambodia, it effects their quality of life with a good percentage of elderly giving into blindness because they can't get treatment. We arrange surgeries that are life changing, sight is restored and new life given! Its an incredible gift that we want you to be involved in giving!