Elderly care Program


Life is hard in rural Siem Reap especially for the elderly. Having lived through the most horrific genocide of their time (Khmer Rouge era) they have been forgotten, they do not receive a government pension as most other countries do, they rely on outside assistance, or assistance from the family, if indeed the family is in a situation to help.

In a lot of cases they are left to bring up their grandchildren as their parents need to move away to find work. Sometimes they send money back to help support their children and parents, and sadly sometimes they don’t, which results in dire situations of poverty, illness and a whole set of other problems. And in so many other cases the elderly are living alone and begging for food from neighbours.

The elderly are suffering illnesses, such as malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure. All are treatable but due to their situation, lack of income or financial support, they are unable to cope. Many elderly are also living in isolation, sick and dying.


OUR AIM is to alleviate the poverty and the pressure for the elderly people by providing them with a small pension payment each month to enable them to live a more dignified life. 


As each elderly person enters into the Elderly program we assess their most urgent needs. We provide them with new bedding, pillows, blankets, mosquito net and a water filter. This has an average cost of approximately $70 to set up. Each month we support the elderly with rice and food staples if they are unable to get around or a monthly pension - the way we care for them depends upon their mobility. We also take care of their physical and mental health if required. We aim to promote a feeling of security by supplying the necessities to be as healthy and happy as possible. 

Sub-standard housing is also a huge issue, many of their houses are in extremely run down conditions. This brings about enormous problems particularly during wet season causing many preventable health issues.

We also provide house repairs or rebuilds through fundraising events.

Become a part of our family!

When you sponsor an elderly person for $15 USD a month you will be contributing to their health and well-being. You will be changing or even saving a life!

One off donations are always welcome and can make a huge difference!

 $30 USD will buy a huge 50 kg of rice!

$5 USD will buy a mosquito net to protect against contracting malaria

$25 USD will buy a water filter to protect against water born disease

$2 USD will buy a sarong, kroma or sandals, their traditional dress

$1,200 USD will give them a new safe house!!

Your dollar goes a very long way to giving so much!


The majority of the elderly people in need of support are women, however there are elderly men that are also supported by our program.

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