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Sothea  Yon

Sothea Yon lives in Siem Reap Cambodia and up until recently, 2016, had dedicated his life to monkhood. During his time as a monk he acquired higher Education through studying at Universities in Thailand. Through these studies he obtained many qualifications which include:

BA: Public Administration 
MA: Buddhist studies

He went on to lecture in Universities in Thailand but relocated home to Siem Reap to live permanently after realising he had to something to help his people. He returned to Cambodia in 2006, continued studying and also working within communities in and around Siem Reap to try to alleviate suffering. In 2013 he formed Regional Development Action Association (RDA) a registered non profit organisiation. After much thought he decided to leave the robes in November 2016, 4 months after Lotus house was built. He made this decision to enable him to be more proactive in helping Lotus House succeed. He is now a tour guide after gaining a degree in tourism. He gives 20% of his income to Lotus House.




RDA Regional Development Action Association


Regional Development Action Association is an NGO based in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. RDA works in the area of social development, in particular the rural regions of Siem Reap. We were registered with the Ministry of Interior on September 17th 2013.


The main objective for this NGO is to see development in the rural areas of Siem Reap, with the focus on education of children, women's health, support of the elderly and building a strong sense of community. The list of objectives can be found on our website www.rdacambodia.org. 


Carol and Jeff Morrell are from the South Coast in NSW, Australia.
Jeff has worked in the building industry for most of his working life as a subcontractor for major building companies. He has also worked around Australia, proudly amongst indigenous communities in central Australia.
Carol comes from a nursing background, she has also worked in the Textile Industry for many years, but her most recent endeavor and something she loves is teaching English. Through her love of education Carol completed a Tesol course to further educate herself in educating others.
With their combined skills they knew they could somehow make a difference to the lives of people living in hardship and poverty.
"Siem Reap has become our second home; it is where we have grown roots and met wonderful people doing amazing work.  With dedication and a passion for community empowerment and development, we are striving to help a community along with our friend and colleague Sothea Yon, director of Regional Development Action Association (RDA)"
Carol & Jeff Morrell


Carol & Jeff