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Better health outcomes

Dysentery, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and parasite diseases are common and treatable through proper care and medication. Our program aims to give the best treatment available to get the elderly on the road to recovery and living a more healthful life.

Through the tireless efforts of our community care manager we can access the best medical support possible for this extremely disadvantaged group of elderly who are suffering.

Through this program we have achieved some incredible outcomes!

  • We have helped over 120 people regain eyesight through cataract surgery. This is a huge problem in Cambodia with many people completely losing their sight because they have not been able to access treatment.

  • We have been able to give the best medications available to control diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes therefore extending their lives.

  • Nutritional supplements and vitamins are also offered and are a huge part of our recovery program for those suffering with malnutrition.

  • Hospital and surgical procedures as well as emergency situations that arise. 

Health & Medical Program: About Us
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